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September 8, 2016 / shei5a

Print manual

Despite the fact that web configuration is everywhere these days, print outline is still a tremendous part of the configuration business and is wherever we look: daily papers, notices, prints, manuals, eatery menus, business cards – the rundown continues forever. So how would you ensure that you leave a decent impact on individuals grasping your bit of craftsmanship? Print plan abilities become possibly the most important factor.

Printing & Prepress Basics

 Four-Color Process Printing
four process colors, cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, generally noted as CMYK, produce full-color images.
Image quality
72 dpi (dots per inch) will not produce a quality image on press like it will online. Always be sure that each of your images is set to at least 300 dpi before sending them to your printer, or you’ll be sadly disappointed
Trim marks
Trim marks are simply small lines placed outside of your image so that the printer knows where to cut once everything is printed.


By including trap, done by slightly increasing the size of one color so that it lays over another color, you account for any of these problems on press.


but know that you should always flatten Photoshop files so your printer can see what the final image should like like, and send over a layered file along with any fonts you used in creating it, as well.


  • Set up CMYK documents in Photoshop with bleeds
  • Use textures to spice up your backgrounds
  • Create custom shapes using the Polygonal Lasso Tool


Final notes

you’re going to have at least 3 to 4 layers

vector, rastor, type on separate layers

the order of the layers is important

how you set up your files is as important as how the info is set up

guides can be at the top or the bottom

ONLY with body copy text, shift command O

date and time and that kind of stuff

two layers for text, the live type and the outline type

headings are outlined and they go into vector

copy the text then paste in place

shift alt command v

turn the live type off

the bottom one turn into outline

then turn off the outlines

and turn on the live type

lock the text layer when ur done

vectors have to come from illustrator

effect9ive pip should be 300

name and contact info in the slug

comand b

copy the text

then cut

go to ur pages

and go to ur master

then put that on ur master

then in the middle column put

color space: Greyscale K=100

Type: backserfil Reg 10/12

third column:

Raster: suihdmg_skodf.tiff



turn off notes


colors and inks : process black only

fill out all the printing instructions

check copy fonts check copy linked graphics

check update

check include idml

check include pdf

include high quality print

open up all the files in all the folder then hit command shift four then hit space bar

print manual guide on blog

print out mark up

hit print

go to setup

page position centered

marks and bleed

turn on all

use doc bleed settings

include slug area

then print